Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The waiting is killing me! lol I ordered these babies online last week and Nasty Gal said it's on my way. Although the Cherry Foxy is not in the first package!:( I wonder why. Might as well check what took it so long for them to send it out. It's on sale when I got it! And until now it's still on sale. Got it for only 3k php. Considering it's a Jeffrey Campbell! But it's a spring/summer edition so, it's a good thing for me since I'm in the tropics:) The Foxy Leopard, I can't wait! haha Added that collar necklace too! I paid the express mail to have it faster than the regular:) 

Another items that I got online, are these 2 from Romwe. It's my first time ordering from this site. So, I was a bit skeptical. But after reading one of my fave fashion blogger's post. I thought, I'd used the coupon code! :D Saved $16 for this 2! haha Plus it's free shipping worldwide which is a great perks if you love shopping online!

I got the Leopard Lined Red-Orange Blazer.The same design above but I can't find the red-orange color. Must be sold out already. Then that Mesh PU Montage Elasticated Black Leggings. Not really sure when and where I will wear them! haha But love it!

Other items that I'm waiting from local sellers from Multiply and Facebook will be posted next entry:) I have to run an errand and drop my little boy to school! So, I'm off here!

Momma Y

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