Monday, December 12, 2011

Touch of Red..

I've been lusting about this booties since I saw this online. So, when I asked Kristel from Feet for a Queen if they have this. I ordered it right away! And it arrived the other day! Soooo comfy! I tried running with it and it's just LOVE! haha Anyway, Mr. Sun was kind enough to let me do some photo shoots outside today. So, I have here some photos of my outfit:) Hopefully, tomorrow will be a fine day for outdoor shots! 

Sheer Top, gold pencil skirt, envelope clutch, red ring and gold oval bangle- WAGW
Belt- Soul Lifestyle
Red Booties-Feet for a Queen

Guess that's it for today! I wish for a new camera!;-) Hope the husband reads it loud and clear! LOL 

Bye for now, dears!

Momma Y

Sunday, December 11, 2011

That Mesh Leggings..

fiIt's been raining for days..And aside from the rain that won't let me take descent photos. I'm in a rot! I promised to post photos of my recent loots in my last post but I have a lot of things going on in my mind these days..Busy with hospital duties plus the kids and then busy with consulate stuff hence I'm off to Tokyo later this month! Yay! :) Anyway, I have this photos yesterday. Of course the nanny took this for me;) Click the photos to make them bigger :D I'm such a lazy bum to cut off that back drop there..Didn't realize that garbage in my back:(

I am in love with that leggings! Fierce! :) I actually wore this outfit in the mall and every eyebrow I saw was like, OMG what is she wearing? hahaha And well, that super love shoes! :) Now, I'm off! Sorry, don't have much to share this time..I'm tired and need to rest..

Blue Top, bangles and long necklace- SM Dept.
Studded Bag, skull leather bracelet and brown leather bracelet-Parfois
Chandelier Necklace, red ring- WAGW
Watch- Philip Stein
Leopard Ring and Silver Cuff bangle- Folded and Hung
Colorblock Wedge Bootie- Feet for a Queen

See ya dears!
Momma Y

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bubble Gum in Black Leather!

I was so busy for the past days! Had to check on my gala dress fittings plus pictorials for the year book and then I had a duty in the Surgery Clinic! Then today is my little boy's 4th birthday! So, we will be out for the whole day to do toy shopping! Since, we decided that no birthday party this year! Although, will do a party in the school this coming Tuesday for his classmates:) Tuesday since, I have a Red Cross seminar this Monday! :D Anyho, here's my outfit earlier this week!

Pink Bondage Skirt, rings and bangles/bracelets accessories, Pink Handbag- SM Dept. Store
Belt,Owl ring and long necklace- Soul Lifestyle
Pompom earrings- Accessorize
Blue/Black Top- Forever21
Bib Necklace- Yhansy
Leather Jacket- Bangkok Finds
Shoes- Jannilyn

And can you believe it's December already? Wow! It's my birthday month and I just love it! :D I have so much to share but I will do that next time;)

I'm off here! See ya fashionistas! :D


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Of pink, brown and mustard...

Really not sure about this color combo but I'm loving it:-)

Photos were taken as usual by yaya lyn! haha For now, it will do :D I don't know what I'm doing with the last photo. It looks like I'm doing the betty boop style with the skirt but no luck! lol

Pink Sheer Top- Soul Lifestyle
Mustard Pleated Skirt- WAGW
Leopard Belt- Mango
Brown Platforms- ALDO
Collar Necklace- Nasty Gal
Accessories and the Pink Bag- SM Dept. Store

That's it for today! Tata dears! :)

Momma Y

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Malling

This will be quick since I'm so sleepy already:) I had a great Monday "ME" time. Had my bangs trimmed, mani and pedi with foot spa- done. Hair treatment as well since I was absent in the mall for a week! lol The very first person who greeted me in the mall was the lady guard in the floor where I usually park my car. She said, she missed me:) She never saw me for a while! That's what happens when you know everyone there! Anyway, I bought a few things in Soul Lifestyle! If you're in Davao, you should come visit this place! Really nice items:) Dropped by at Primadonna and love the leopard bag! Then after my Saloon trip. Went straight to SM to check some accessories! Ughh..bought a few nice pieces..will post next time.

Here are some outfit shots. Apologize for my iphone photos.:( I should really get myself a better camera. Ughhh..

So there! Don't you just love that blue maxi from Soul? They have pink and black available as well. Wait til you see the other skirt I got from them! Special thanks to Dra and the rest of the Soul Gmall SA! They make me feel welcomed and missed every time I go there! :D

Leopard Top- It's from a seller in FB that I forgot her store name. Sorry. 
Brown Belt and Bangles- SM Dept. Store
Pink Bag which btw is super cute:) -SM Dept. Store
Black Palazzo Pants- For Me
Earrings, Blue Maxi Skirt, Owl Rings- Soul Lifestyle
Leopard Wedge Bootie- Chick Flick 

Crawling back to bed dears! Until then, stay fashionable!

Momma Y

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not going anywhere,dear..

I can't wait to wear the foxy leopard so I had to dress up around the house and let the yaya take photos of me again! :D And my youngest keep asking where I am going! He's been asking me that question after I was in the hospital for days:) Poor little guy! Anyway, I had this pleated skirt for like a month. I like it so much but I have been debating if where I should use it:) haha Aside from it's a mini skirt, I don't have much event to go to! :) I got it from Soul Lifestyle in Gmall! :) The blazer which I thought was smaller for me, fits perfectly, I guess! And that mustard top from SM. First time using it after months in my closet:) I had to put my hair in a bun like but unfortunately no luck as you can see. I don't know about this outfit but I like it! :D

And of course, I said to my little guy, I'm not going anywhere..I'm playing dress up.:)

Blazer with Leopard Print- Pinkaholic Shop
Black Pleated Skirt- Soul Lifestyle Gmall
Mustard Top- SM
Bag- Charles and Keith bought in Singapore
Leopard Platform- Jeffrey Campbell
Leopard Belt- Memo
Oval and Connector Ring- SM Accessories
Bangle- Farediz in Gmall
Owl Ring- Soul Lifestyle
Leaves Ring- I forgot the name of the store. It's in SM. Sorry.
Watch- Fossil
Bib Necklace- Yhansy Manila

That's it for now,dears! The Momma have to let her little boys go to sleep! It's Monday tomorrow and I'll be up around 6 am to do some walking in the village:) Ta!

Momma Y

She needs her own post!

So she arrived safely home to Momma! haha And I am in love with her! :) Remember this post here? Well, finally! Will surely post an outfit to go with this bombshell! :D And as for the Cherry Foxy. NastyGal, just told me a week after my purchase that it was out of stock! What a nice way to treat a customer! LOL

Anyway, the foxy leopard is all worth it! I could run at this 5 inches platforms! :D 

Next post hopefully my outfit with her;-) I have one in mind already!!! haha Happy Sunday dears! The Momma will go out with her lovelies in a while;) See yah!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love, Life!

It was my first time to go out of the house and driving again after the hypertension attacked last weekend that I had to stay in the hospital for another 3 days. That thing happened made me realize that life is short. I have 2 kids needed me more than I can a husband who loves me more than I do;) So, I thought why wouldn't I love myself more? I mean I love myself but I don't know..everyone says, I might be stressed out. Maybe and maybe not... I wasn't like this when we used to live in Tokyo. But after spending more time here in Davao, things have changed. The husband says it's definitely my lifestyle here.. So, anyway, here are some shots taken by my yaya! haha I love taking pics of myself. I have a lot of that in my FB. But taking photos to be posted in a blog like anybody else around in this fashion-blogging world is something new to me. After all, I'm only 33 yrs old next month! hahaha Without further are the photos! :) And to those who don't know..I wear graded eyeglasses. I still have to go back to my doctor for the new sets of graded contact lenses..The old ones are way too blurry already..

So there you have it! hahaha I keep laughing myself about this photos..:) It's like I'm so serious with all those snaps..The yaya says, I'm like a real model! LOL


Blazer-SM Women's Couture
Shorts and Red Tiger Top-Bangkok
House of Harlow Inspired Necklace and Wing Earrings- Yhansy
Bracelet/Bangles, Oval Black Ring- SM Accessories
Skull Cross Necklace-Options in Gmall
Owl Ring- Soul Lifestyle in Gmall
Orb Gray Ring- Accessorize
Watch- Philip Stein
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Leopard Booties- Chick Flick

So, that's it for now! Happy Weekend everyone and enjoy! :D The Momma needs to get her breakfast and take her meds:) lol

Momma Y

Friday, November 25, 2011

Shoe-holic, I say!

I've been spending my days in the net looking for shoes,shoes,shoes! if I don't have much a lot of other things to do. But after my hypertension attacked last weekend and spent 3 days in the hospital, I thought, I deserved to be pampered! LOL Seriously, I need a breather mind..less stress, less hassle and just relax and do things one at a time.. So, look what I have done! haha Since it's thanksgiving weekend in the US, I thought black friday sale is a must shop day ever! :D 

GoJane has really fab on going sale now! Check what I have in my cart! But they don't ship here in the Philippines. So, I will just let it ship in our address in Tokyo since they ship there! I fall in love with that color block platforms! Not really sure if when I can use them but whatever! haha 

 This is the only regular price in my cart but they have 20% sale for all regular items. So, I won't be able to sleep if I can't have it! haha

Can you believe that this fably(fabulous and lovely) is only $12? Yup, no kidding! haha

 I have been lusting with mustard pumps for a while now. And this $10 sale is such a hard thing to pass up :D

 This nude baby is lovely! Yup, only $8 :D hahaha

 Of course, I love leopards! They totally scream for style! And well, for a $12, it's a steal!

 Both are still on sale! Roughly around $15 each!:)

 I heart that leopard bag! But it's $57 and it's only 20% on sale and I thought I can find something similar around here. What do you think? :)

This dress is way cute! And I think it will look good on me? haha But I took it off in my cart since it's a little expensive and will just look something similar here..Unsure mode on! :D

So, let's go to my Urbanog love affair! hahaha Here's what I badly needed! As in in dire NEED! I have this booties/platforms pictured in mind already for my birthday next month and either the husband will still allow me to swipe his card, I WILL STILL GET IT! hahaha I thought this will look good for a dress! We'll see:) Yup, Urbanog will ship in the Philippines! Yay! :D I only have 3 shoes in my cart that is waiting for my check out though..Since, I'm asking another seller in FB, Feet for a QUEEN if she can get me this booties before my bday. Price is still the same though since expedited shipping will cost me around 2k if I will get it myself. Sissy, I really need your help! :D This will be my first time buying from her if ever:)

 This one is the Victoria 1 Lace Up. Approximately 5 inches high platforms. Really nice one! It's new in the site so, I can't find a review yet.

Qupid Puffin-06 Velvet Lace Up Bootie and it's 4 inches high and has really nice review! I am thinking of getting this. I'm torn between this and the Victoria! Both looks the same though..Tell me what should I get? It's for my bday! haha

And can someone plsssss pinch me in the face? LOL I am in love with color block shoes these days! Should I or shouldn't i? :D

Lastly, this Fahrenheit Mary Janes are way too adorable!!! Love love it:)

Ok, so I'm getting you tired already? haha I talk too much I know but I'm just excited for all this finds! Next entry will be my other online grabs. Still have to post them here. And yes, I still have to post a pic of me wearing all this stuff I have recently! Pinky promise dears! ;) For now, the Momma needs to go! See yah later!

Momma Y