Monday, January 16, 2012

That Leopard Turban!

Ok, so I have no idea how to wear it! haha I saw a lot of the teenagers wear them and even my fashionista sister loves it too! But I can't imagine myself wearing one! But the husband insisted that it look goods on me! Of course, he would say that! But still, I got myself one since it's leopard prints and it's very cheap in Forever21 Tokyo! Something comfy to wear this time:) Here are some photos for today:) I'm beginning to post more these days:)

Leopard Belt/ Leopard Clutch/ Yellow ring- SM Dept. Store
Black Leather with studs bracelet/ Huge Gold Bangle- Soul Lifestyle
Red Jeans- Topshop
Tiger Necklace/ Elephant Bangle- Wear Mauve
Taupe Wedge/ Armour Ring/ Leopard Turban /Fringe Necklace- Forever21

That's it for now dears! I'm nursing a runny nose and so not feeling well! Ughh..

Momma Y

Friday, January 13, 2012

El Carmen Stars and Stripes :)

A very long overdue post about my JC El Carmen that arrived last month from Solestruck! I have been so busy that I just got a chance to post about her and the very first time being worn! :) I love her to bits that I don't know what to wear..haha Since I missed wearing shorts after the 2 weeks vacation in Tokyo since it's winter there. I thought, I'd go something refreshing! I hope this is something you girls out there would wear! haha Because I love it myself;-)

Here are some photos using my new Nikon D3100! No filters or edits on this photos yet since I still have to go through with that one still. Shots made by our new yaya. She came in handy on this one so, I'm glad I have a go girl to take photos of me and can actually take nice shots! :)

And that's it for now! Someone ask me in my other post if how old I am. haha Well, I'm 33 yrs young! Living life and enjoying to it's fullest! With my 3 loves:) 10 yrs old and 4 yrs old boys! And the other one? The hubby.:)

El Carmen Stars and Stripes- Jeffrey Campbell
White Top with black heart- H&M Japan
Shorts- Gaisano Mall Dept. Store
Leopard Belt- Bakedmic's Closet 
Strands Necklace-Forever21 Japan
Silver/Gold Necklace-Parfois
Peacock Long Necklace, Gold Bangle, Leather studs bangle, Black with gold bracelet, skull ring- SOUL Lifestyle
Envelope Bag- WAGW Abreeza
Red Leather Bow Bracelet- I'll get back to you on this one since I forgot:) lol
Black leather jacket- SM Dept. Store

Bye for now,dears! Have to crawl back in my bed :) lol

Momma Y

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shorty Shorts in Winter..

I can't remember how many times I have wore this shorts from Topshop. It's like I have to wear it every time we go out! LOL I super love it and it's so stylish with a flat and boots! Well, at least in my own! :) The reason that I don't have a lot of shorts with me is because I didn't bring any shorts when I got here! I was thinking, it's so cold and it's winter. I knew I could use shorts or skirts during this season but I had a lot in mind that I just had mostly pants with me! So, anyhow, going home in Davao soon! So, here are some photos:) Not much though...

This was my first choice of shoes. The black sequence platforms but it's a bit uncomfortable so, I have to go back to our place and change to my Lita's! haha

And this last one when the jacket is all closed! hahaha Looks like I don't have a shorts,eh? :)

Shorty Shorts Denim-Topshop
Bag- Parfoit
Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell
leggings, red ring-local store around here
Snakeskin Top, blue stone ring- H&M Japan

So, that's it for now! I'm gonna be home soon. So, hopefully more updates in the horizon:)

Bye for now dears!
Momma Y

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Red on Red..

Most of my friends knew that I LOVE red! Ok, let me rephrase that one. I ADORE, red! :) So, when we visited Yokohama specifically Minato Mirai, a few minutes drive in Tokyo. I decided to wear this red jeggings I got back home! Nothing special but I have always love this jacket that it's so big for me now because it was an old one that I had 3 years ago! So, anyway, I knew Yokohama is windy cold because it's near a port. But still! When we arrived there, I got this wind blew directly to my face! Gosh! We used to live around this area! I gave birth to my eldest here but it was more like many many years ago! Time does fly.. And the place has a lot of new things going on! I still love this place! :) Here are some photos to share! And oh..they were taken with my new baby, Nikon D3100! :D Click on the pics to make them bigger!

Please forgive me with that hair! hahaha It's so windy and cold that I never had a chance to brush it. And I was soooooo busy checking out on going sale in Topshop, Zara, and H&M ! :D

Jacket,black socks- GAP
Red Jeggings- Random boutique* which I always forgot the name! lol
Bag- Parfois
Red Bootie- Feet for a Queen

That's it for now dears! Will post some more next time:)

Momma Y

Friday, January 6, 2012

January already?

My gosh! Where I have been?! LOL As if there's a soul out there that would wonder where I am:) Actually still in vacation but I thought why not blog about the Christmas haps that's worth sharing for,eh? 

Anyway, I have been to a lot of going out with my 4 girlfriends last December! You will see their photos when the time comes! We still have to do a group photo shoot:) Since I got my new DSLR as a Christmas/Bday gift from the husband. I guess, I need to polish my photography skills again,huh! :) LOL Kidding aside, I had fun times last Christmas break! Bonding time with my BFF's and I couldn't trade any of those moments! And I love that the kids were not having any health issues. Because asthma attacks will usually occur during sweet tooth month! :) Yup, both of them have that one:( But thank goodness, everyone were in good shape! And the kids love all their Christmas gifts from Santa of course! We had the chance to take photos during Christmas Eve. Although, the husband wasnt able to make it but still the photos were worth a million bucks! LOL Just look at my 2 boys! haha Photos were taken using my iphone. So, please be gentle:)


And that's all for the Christmas Eve photos! That beautiful black dress was bought that day and instantly used it! :D So love Soul for that matter! You can just go there and pick up what you love and can instantly use it without having second thoughts anymore! LOVE! 

The little black sexy dress- Soul Lifestyle in Gmall
Leopard Clutch- SM Dept. Store
Gold Peep Toe Pumps and Red glittered wedge- High Style Fancy

So, I guess that's it for now dears! Will post some Tokyo photos when I have the chance! :D Been busy with this vacay as well!
Momma Y