Monday, December 12, 2011

Touch of Red..

I've been lusting about this booties since I saw this online. So, when I asked Kristel from Feet for a Queen if they have this. I ordered it right away! And it arrived the other day! Soooo comfy! I tried running with it and it's just LOVE! haha Anyway, Mr. Sun was kind enough to let me do some photo shoots outside today. So, I have here some photos of my outfit:) Hopefully, tomorrow will be a fine day for outdoor shots! 

Sheer Top, gold pencil skirt, envelope clutch, red ring and gold oval bangle- WAGW
Belt- Soul Lifestyle
Red Booties-Feet for a Queen

Guess that's it for today! I wish for a new camera!;-) Hope the husband reads it loud and clear! LOL 

Bye for now, dears!

Momma Y

Sunday, December 11, 2011

That Mesh Leggings..

fiIt's been raining for days..And aside from the rain that won't let me take descent photos. I'm in a rot! I promised to post photos of my recent loots in my last post but I have a lot of things going on in my mind these days..Busy with hospital duties plus the kids and then busy with consulate stuff hence I'm off to Tokyo later this month! Yay! :) Anyway, I have this photos yesterday. Of course the nanny took this for me;) Click the photos to make them bigger :D I'm such a lazy bum to cut off that back drop there..Didn't realize that garbage in my back:(

I am in love with that leggings! Fierce! :) I actually wore this outfit in the mall and every eyebrow I saw was like, OMG what is she wearing? hahaha And well, that super love shoes! :) Now, I'm off! Sorry, don't have much to share this time..I'm tired and need to rest..

Blue Top, bangles and long necklace- SM Dept.
Studded Bag, skull leather bracelet and brown leather bracelet-Parfois
Chandelier Necklace, red ring- WAGW
Watch- Philip Stein
Leopard Ring and Silver Cuff bangle- Folded and Hung
Colorblock Wedge Bootie- Feet for a Queen

See ya dears!
Momma Y

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bubble Gum in Black Leather!

I was so busy for the past days! Had to check on my gala dress fittings plus pictorials for the year book and then I had a duty in the Surgery Clinic! Then today is my little boy's 4th birthday! So, we will be out for the whole day to do toy shopping! Since, we decided that no birthday party this year! Although, will do a party in the school this coming Tuesday for his classmates:) Tuesday since, I have a Red Cross seminar this Monday! :D Anyho, here's my outfit earlier this week!

Pink Bondage Skirt, rings and bangles/bracelets accessories, Pink Handbag- SM Dept. Store
Belt,Owl ring and long necklace- Soul Lifestyle
Pompom earrings- Accessorize
Blue/Black Top- Forever21
Bib Necklace- Yhansy
Leather Jacket- Bangkok Finds
Shoes- Jannilyn

And can you believe it's December already? Wow! It's my birthday month and I just love it! :D I have so much to share but I will do that next time;)

I'm off here! See ya fashionistas! :D