Friday, November 25, 2011

Shoe-holic, I say!

I've been spending my days in the net looking for shoes,shoes,shoes! if I don't have much a lot of other things to do. But after my hypertension attacked last weekend and spent 3 days in the hospital, I thought, I deserved to be pampered! LOL Seriously, I need a breather mind..less stress, less hassle and just relax and do things one at a time.. So, look what I have done! haha Since it's thanksgiving weekend in the US, I thought black friday sale is a must shop day ever! :D 

GoJane has really fab on going sale now! Check what I have in my cart! But they don't ship here in the Philippines. So, I will just let it ship in our address in Tokyo since they ship there! I fall in love with that color block platforms! Not really sure if when I can use them but whatever! haha 

 This is the only regular price in my cart but they have 20% sale for all regular items. So, I won't be able to sleep if I can't have it! haha

Can you believe that this fably(fabulous and lovely) is only $12? Yup, no kidding! haha

 I have been lusting with mustard pumps for a while now. And this $10 sale is such a hard thing to pass up :D

 This nude baby is lovely! Yup, only $8 :D hahaha

 Of course, I love leopards! They totally scream for style! And well, for a $12, it's a steal!

 Both are still on sale! Roughly around $15 each!:)

 I heart that leopard bag! But it's $57 and it's only 20% on sale and I thought I can find something similar around here. What do you think? :)

This dress is way cute! And I think it will look good on me? haha But I took it off in my cart since it's a little expensive and will just look something similar here..Unsure mode on! :D

So, let's go to my Urbanog love affair! hahaha Here's what I badly needed! As in in dire NEED! I have this booties/platforms pictured in mind already for my birthday next month and either the husband will still allow me to swipe his card, I WILL STILL GET IT! hahaha I thought this will look good for a dress! We'll see:) Yup, Urbanog will ship in the Philippines! Yay! :D I only have 3 shoes in my cart that is waiting for my check out though..Since, I'm asking another seller in FB, Feet for a QUEEN if she can get me this booties before my bday. Price is still the same though since expedited shipping will cost me around 2k if I will get it myself. Sissy, I really need your help! :D This will be my first time buying from her if ever:)

 This one is the Victoria 1 Lace Up. Approximately 5 inches high platforms. Really nice one! It's new in the site so, I can't find a review yet.

Qupid Puffin-06 Velvet Lace Up Bootie and it's 4 inches high and has really nice review! I am thinking of getting this. I'm torn between this and the Victoria! Both looks the same though..Tell me what should I get? It's for my bday! haha

And can someone plsssss pinch me in the face? LOL I am in love with color block shoes these days! Should I or shouldn't i? :D

Lastly, this Fahrenheit Mary Janes are way too adorable!!! Love love it:)

Ok, so I'm getting you tired already? haha I talk too much I know but I'm just excited for all this finds! Next entry will be my other online grabs. Still have to post them here. And yes, I still have to post a pic of me wearing all this stuff I have recently! Pinky promise dears! ;) For now, the Momma needs to go! See yah later!

Momma Y

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  1. ugh, I loooove the shoes! but I worry about the shipping fee since it's from the US. Hehe Happy to know you're SFC before too ;)