Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been thinking hard about this new blog. Hard. In a sense, that I will have to update like everyday or if there is actually something to say about. Not really sure if I will ever have a chance to do that. But having a fashion blog in my sleeve has been an idea for months now. I'm never new to this blogging world. Been blogging ever since 2004. It's like a love and hate thing:) But with my love for fashion, I decided to start this here. Free. Blogspot. NOW! So, wish me luck! I hope I can update religiously:) This will be all about my musings of my love for fashion. The many outfit's I will wear from here and there! I know, it would be so much fun and well, boring because you will definitely see a lot of me compared to FB! hahaha But I will try to take pics of my shopping spree's, outfits using my digi cam not through my iphone! LOL

 Shoes from Chic Flick.

So, anyway to those who don't know me yet. Uhmm..I'm a Mom of 2 little boys. They're ages 9 and 3. Both were born in Japan. We used to live there for like 7 yrs. and 2 yrs in Bangkok, Thailand. I pretty much have been to a few places. But I still have a lot more to discover! I will turn 33 next month:) So, I'm kinda old! haha But as they say, it's all numbers! I'm still young at heart:) And oh..about the husband you might ask. He's my everything! Really. My bestfriend and my soul mate:) He will definitely have a lot to say about this blog as I go on. Because well, he will be the one to pay all my expenses! lol But he knows, how much I love all this...:)

Lastly, keep coming back because I have a few things in mind for giveaways! :D I love giving stuff so you better be back and say hi too so, I know you were here! :D 

Momma Y

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