Friday, January 6, 2012

January already?

My gosh! Where I have been?! LOL As if there's a soul out there that would wonder where I am:) Actually still in vacation but I thought why not blog about the Christmas haps that's worth sharing for,eh? 

Anyway, I have been to a lot of going out with my 4 girlfriends last December! You will see their photos when the time comes! We still have to do a group photo shoot:) Since I got my new DSLR as a Christmas/Bday gift from the husband. I guess, I need to polish my photography skills again,huh! :) LOL Kidding aside, I had fun times last Christmas break! Bonding time with my BFF's and I couldn't trade any of those moments! And I love that the kids were not having any health issues. Because asthma attacks will usually occur during sweet tooth month! :) Yup, both of them have that one:( But thank goodness, everyone were in good shape! And the kids love all their Christmas gifts from Santa of course! We had the chance to take photos during Christmas Eve. Although, the husband wasnt able to make it but still the photos were worth a million bucks! LOL Just look at my 2 boys! haha Photos were taken using my iphone. So, please be gentle:)


And that's all for the Christmas Eve photos! That beautiful black dress was bought that day and instantly used it! :D So love Soul for that matter! You can just go there and pick up what you love and can instantly use it without having second thoughts anymore! LOVE! 

The little black sexy dress- Soul Lifestyle in Gmall
Leopard Clutch- SM Dept. Store
Gold Peep Toe Pumps and Red glittered wedge- High Style Fancy

So, I guess that's it for now dears! Will post some Tokyo photos when I have the chance! :D Been busy with this vacay as well!
Momma Y

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